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Choir Anthem 2018-02-11 For God so Loved the World


Praise Band 2018-03-11 If We Are the Body


Choir Anthem 2018-02-18



 Praise Band 2018-02-18 I Give You My Heart

Choir Anthem 2018-02-11 O Nata Lux


 Praise Band 2018-02-11 One of These Days


Praise Band 2018-01-07  Blessings

Choir Anthem 2017-11-12 Keep Your Lamps!



Praise Band 2017-11-12  Turn, Turn, Turn


Choir Anthem 2017-11-05  O Divine Redeemer




Choir Anthem 2017-09-24


Praise Band 2017-09-24 Above All


Choir Anthem 2017-09-03 Take Up Your Cross


Praise Band 2017-09-03  Be Still and Know

Praise Band 2017-08-27  Starry Night



Choir 2017-08-27  Make our Church One Joyful Choir

Choir 2017-08-06  God Has Spoken


Praise Band  2017-08-06  Follow You



Choir 2017-07-30  Thou Knowest, Lord



Praise Band 2017--7-30 El Shaddai


Prelude 7-23-17: Come to Jesus


Piano offertory 7-23-17: Redeemed


Sending 7-23-17: A New Hallelujah


Choir Anthem 7-16-2017  Order My Steps




Choir Antherm 7-9-2017 Come Unto Me




Praise Band 7-9-2017 Mountain of God




























































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